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  • Web wonders (Airport World, 17 November 2013). Barry Mansfield reports on the latest in airport web design. How can sites be improved to boost customer communication, the airport experience and operator revenues? Click here to view.

    Clean break: meeting emissions targets
    (World Cruise Industry Review, 16 September 2013). As chief executive of the International Bunker Industry Association for the past six months, Peter Hall has had a busy time. He talks to Barry Mansfield about his mission to help the industry meet its fuels emissions targets and the efforts being made by all sides to find a solution. Click here to view.

    Edinburgh tram back on track
    (Urban Transport Agenda, 30 August 2012). Edinburgh City Council's transport convenor Lesley Hinds talks to Barry Mansfield about her hopes for the Scottish capital's tram network, its ongoing development and how she plans to overcome the raft of bad press. Click here to view.

    Roll with the Changes
    (TurboJet Horizon, 1 July 2011). China is the new focus for Rolls-Royce, where an upsurge in millionaires should prove a fertile marketplace for its new models. Click here to view.

    From Cars to the Stars
    (Chief Executive Officer, 14 April 2008). Former PayPal CEO Elon Musk talks to Barry Mansfield about his plans to bring the electric car to the mass market. Then there is the small matter of conquering space. Click here to view.