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  • Defuse the pensions time bomb: the challenges of auto-enrolment (Chief Executive Officer, 9 June 2012). The countdown to pension auto-enrolment began in January with an 11 million drive aimed at increasing public awareness. Barry Mansfield talks to Joanne Segars, chief executive of the National Association of Pension Funds, about the implications of the reforms. Click here to view.

    Precision Step
    (Finance Director Europe, 12 May 2008). As part of an M&A special focus, Barry Mansfield talks to Lothar Steinebach, CFO of German consumer goods giant Henkel. Click here to view.

    Banking on success
    (Chief Executive Officer, 14 April 2008). Alastair Lukies, CEO of Monitise, talks to Barry Mansfield about his transition from rugby player to business player. Click here to view.

    24-hour service
    (Future Banking, 2 April 2008). Belgium's Dexia Group aims to be completely IT-centric. CIO Dirk Hooebeeck tells Barry Mansfield why the Internet is central to the future of retail banking services. Click here to view.

    Cash Injection
    (VLM Velocity, 1 March 2007). Televison programmes like Dragon's Den have made stars out of venture capitalists, and helped to ensure that today's VCs are synonymous with entrepreneurialism. But is the boost provided by venture capital right for your business? Click here to view.

    Funding the Future
    (VLM Velocity, 1 January 2007). It's been another year of ├╝ber-growth for the AIM, and with a second technology boom now on the horizon the world's next-generation high tech companies are flocking to the exchange. Click here to view.

    Do's and Don'ts of Spreadbetting
    (VLM Velocity promotion for MF Global Spreads, 2007). MF Global Spreads guides us through some fundamental strategies in order to minimise your risks - and increase your form when spreadbetting. Click here to view.