5G tipping point
Land Mobile. 13 Apr 2023

5G adoption is set for take off. Ahead of what is shaping up to be a big year, Barry Mansfield reports on how wide-scale deployment of 5G networks is delivering value across the industrial sector.

People power takes on Google
Daily Telegraph. 4 Aug 2007

Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia, has transformed the way we find information on the internet. Now its founder, Jimmy Wales, is hoping to do the same for search engines. Barry Mansfield investigates.

Web slinger
CNBC Europe. 1 May 2008

Morten Lund kick-started three funds - one for Chinese property, another centred on Indian technology ventures and a Middle Eastern clean tech equity fund - before setting up his own vehicle, Lundxy.

Turning fire into water
easyJet Traveller. 1 Dec 2012

Pioneering Danish inventor and entrepreneur Tom Juul Anderson is harnessing the power of solar thermal energy to solve Egypt's water crisis - starting with a south Sinai Bedouin fishing village.

Blueprint for African success

Global Telecoms Business. Jan 2007

North Africa, encompassing Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan and Ethiopia, is regarded as the next frontier for mobile communications - attracting record levels of inward investment.

Edinburgh tram back on track
Urban Transport Agenda. Aug 2012

Edinburgh City Council's transport convenor Lesley Hinds talks to Barry Mansfield about her hopes for the Scottish capital's tram network, its ongoing development and her plans to overcome the raft of bad press.

New frontiers
Critical Comms Today. 11 Nov 2019

Russia's critical communications market is still moving from analogue to digital, and the country's oil and gas sector is embracing the use of drones. Barry Mansfield takes a look at the state of play.

Data storage for the future
African Review. 18 May 2017

Businesses operating at the cutting edge of the data storage market are constantly investing in research and development. Barry Mansfield looks at the factors driving the growth of next-generation data storage in Africa.

Rise of flexible packaging
Packaging Today. 24 Jan 2018

This article looks into brand-owners' rapid adoption of flexible packaging in recent years. Barry Mansfield studies the technology involved and asks if we can expect to see continued uptake across retail and industry.

Move over malware
World Mining Frontiers. 31 Aug 2018

Cybersecurity remains an industrial-scale challenge. Mining operators need to realise they are targets and should prepare accordingly. Barry Mansfield looks into the industry's progress so far. Is it sufficient?

How to reach level one
Daily Telegraph. 18 Aug 2007

Sales are declining for the earlier generation of console games, but competition for jobs in computer game development has never been more intense. If you want to make it in game design, Barry Mansfield has tips.

Danone: packaging the future
PCI Magazine. 20 Sep 2011

Danone has announced that it will adopt PLA packaging in the form of Ingeo for its Activia yogurt brand. Are manufacturers becoming more serious about investing in environmentally friendly alternatives?

Brand interactivity
BPI Magazine. 16 Jul 2017

Previously just an inert delivery medium, packaging is rapidly becoming an active component of a product, enabling firms to engage with customers and monitor the integrity of their wares. Barry Mansfield reports.

PET: packaging at a premium
PCI Magazine. 20 Sep 2011

It's essential that a product consistently reflects its brand and target market - inside and out. Barry Mansfield talks to Carlsberg's packaging innovation manager, HÃ¥kon Langen, to find out more.

Salamanca: standing out
NEI Magazine. 13 Sep 2017

Spot prices for uranium are low and production has been scaled back in countries like Kazakhstan. However, Barry Mansfield finds there are new sites set for action - including in Salamanca, Spain.

Fast and slow fashion
Leather International. 5 Sep 2016

Material+ is styled as part of a revamp for the APLF leather trade exhbition in Hong Kong, set for launch in March 2017. Trendsetting project manager Anne Liberati talks about her expectations.

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