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People power takes on Google
Daily Telegraph, Digital Life. 4 Aug 2007
Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia, has transformed the way we find information on the internet. Now its founder, Jimmy Wales, is hoping to do the same for search engines, says Barry Mansfield.

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Edinburgh tram gets back on track
Urban Transport Agenda. 30 Aug 2012
Edinburgh City Council's transport convenor Lesley Hinds talks to Barry Mansfield about her hopes for the Scottish capital's tram network, its ongoing development and how she plans to overcome the raft of bad press.

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Web slinger
CNBC European Business. 1 May 2008
Morten Lund kick-started three funds - one for Chinese property, another centred on Indian technology ventures and a Middle Eastern clean tech equity fund - before setting up his own vehicle, Lundxy.

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Blueprint for African success
Global Telecoms Business. 1 Jan 2007
North Africa, encompassing Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan and Ethiopia, is currently regarded as the next frontier for mobile communications, attracting record levels of investment.

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Barry Mansfield is a freelance journalist. He has written on themes ranging from entrepreneurialism and startups (especially in clean tech and alternative energy), IT security and telecoms, airports and infrastructure, through to fashion, leisure and automotive.

Since 2006 he has conducted many interviews with CEOs and CFOs of major international firms (for The Telegraph, CEO Magazine, Finance Director Europe, Global Telecoms Business and CNBC European Business, among others), as well as contributing extensively to top in-flight magazines on business themes. His articles reach tens of thousands of people on a regular basis.